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Reflections on a Random Journal

I've been thinking about trying to do some sort of daily writing thing, prompted by what cthulhia is doing with the Simple Abundance book. Last night, flipping through a stack of old magazines, I saw a "Writer's Digest" from the beginning of last year that had a caldendar in it with a little writing prompt for each day. I thought about doing that, but it is one day off from this year, so, for example, today's was something like "Today is Thursday. What does Thursday mean to you?" They weren't all that lame, but I figured I didn't want to do that. So, I decided I might try to do a daily reflection on a random LiveJournal.

So, today I found lilem320. The most remarkable thing that I found right away is that she is the exact age that I was when I wrote the poems that I have been posting. She is 15, today is February 8, she will be 16 on March 20. I wrote those poems when I was 15, on April 12, and I turned 16 on May 25.

Her most recent journal entry is an online poll result, which there are really just far too many of around LiveJournal.

Her next most recent entry talks about her day at school. One thing of note is that she would rather look good than be warm. It was cold, so she put on her sister's "valet anorak." She thought the hood made her look dumb, so she took it off once she got on the bus, and froze rather than look stupid. I know I was very much like that in high school, although I knew that I could never really be cool. But that didn't stop me from not trying to stand out any more than I could help. Today, I wear what's comfortable (or appropriate, if it's work, where I still err on the side of comfort) or easy. I know I look fairly silly in my big hat, but it keeps my head warm, so I wear it.

She also talks about cleaning up her closet, since a realtor was coming to look at their house. In high school, my room was an absolute pit. It's been a bit better since I've been married, as my wife doesn't like to put up with my mess. After we moved into separate bedrooms, though (not all that long ago), my room went to a really awful state (admitedly, it was heading there already). Last weekend, though, I cleaned my room. Completely. I don't know if it's been that clean since we moved in something like 8 months ago. And it's stayed clean, which is the more remarkable thing. And the even more remarkable thing is that I think it's going to stay relatively clean. I really like having a lot of space, and not having to be ashamed of the state of my room when I have visitors. There are still some things in boxes that need to be gone through and taken care of, but at least those boxes are stacked neatly to one side, and I can deal with them when I want, not having to worry that they're contributing to the mess.

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