Queue (queue) wrote,

I'm growing up

When I was new to educational publishing, I remember getting upset once that the person making the changes in the file based on what i had marked on the hard copy had done exactly what I said, instead of using their brain and knowing what I'd meant. It was obvious what was uspposed to be done there, I thought. I remember being told that they are supposed to do exactly what is marked, even if it doesn't make sense to them, because it's not their job to understand everything that's going on with it.

Today, I am upset because someone made changes that looked to them like the obvious thing to do, but it was clearly not what I had marked. I know what I'm doing, and I meant what I'd marked.

I definitely have a different persepctive on this business than I did coming up on two years ago. And I definitely enjoy working with competent people, because I can see a difference between competence and incompetence. The chapters that I'm marking get changes made by different people. I guess they must take them by the lesson instead of by the chapter. I appreciate the good people, who do exactly wht I ask, and who even find some things that I've missed. I am frustrated by the not-so-good people, who miss making some of the changes I mark, and who make some of the changes incorrectly.

I wish we could clone some of the good people. I think I'm a bit influenced by the book I'm reading, Cyteen. I got off the computer at 1 last night, and then I read until 3. I don't know if I dreamed about the book, but I certainly had thoughts about it as I was waking up in the morning, imposing thoughts about the book onto the dreams I'd had. (Like, I had a dream that I was taking some sort of class where each week we had to buy a new computer game and learn how to play it, and we were graded on how well we played the game. I thought "I could just use tape to learn it." (If you haven't read Cyteen, think Brave New World. If you haven't read Brave New World, go read Brave New World.)

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