Queue (queue) wrote,

Snow day

So, it turns out the number I was trying to call last night and this morning to find out about the snow day was the wrong number (it just gave me a voice that said "You have reached a non-working number at Houghton Mifflin"). On the bus this morning, I finally thought to call my own work voicemail. There were two broadcast messages there from last night, saying the offices were closed today. So, yeah, I could have known by like 8:30 last night. Oh well. Took the next bus home, so now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the day.

I posted my housing ad on craigslist on Sunday. I got one response on Sunday, but it was for someone looking to have two people in the room, and I'm not interested in having two people there. I got another one today from a 26-year-old fashion designer. The email was this HTML thing with a large black font on a purple background. I thought it was spam at first. But, *sigh*, I guess I should at least talk to the person.

Euchre yesterday was fun. Played many games of Euchre. Gaming was fun, as well, with that bastard majes throwing a nice little complication in our way.

It sounds like my Carcassonne partner might be all Carcassonned out. We'll see, though.
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