Queue (queue) wrote,

Beware the Ides of March

A good dentist visit. Well, dental hygienist visit. Got X-rays taken and my teeth cleaned. The teeth-cleaning part was really kind of neat, actually. And the hygienist was friendly, professional, and explained things to me.

I apparently do well brushing, although I brush a bit hard (I don't remember hearing warnings not to brush too hard as a kid). My lack of one wisdom tooth is causing the corresponding wisdom tooth to drop a bit, since it has nothing to push against, and that tooth will probably need to be extracted at some point. Other than that, I need to get three fillings (which won't cost me anything), and that's it. No root canals; no crowns. Hooray for my good teeth!

My fillings are going to be done on March 15th, the day after eating buckets and buckets of pie. And I also made a 6-month appointment. We'll see if I'm employed with insurance then.

Just a couple more dishes to do. Then I might work on some programming stuff. But before that, I think just curling up with my book would be a nice thing to do.
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