Queue (queue) wrote,

Last night

I managed to just about all of the dishes done, which I was very happy with. I dirtied a few more dishes last night, so I think I might do those while waiting to go to the dentist. I ended up getting one person take me up on the offer to come over and watch a movie. However, the movie bothered the person, so I lost three games of Carcassonne instead. Quote of the evening: "I don't know why you keep losing." I really enjoy Carcassonne, and those were some really good games.

After my guest left, I ended up finishing the movie, which I really enjoyed.

For those curious, the dumb AI ended up with an average of 9.45 after 1000 runs with the full dictionary. Standard deviation was 2.60. Since I have no plans today, I think I might try to devise a smart AI. We'll see, though.
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