Queue (queue) wrote,


My plans to do dishes have been thwarted by the cold water pipe for the kitchen sink freezing. On the one hand, I don't have to do dishes. On the other hand, I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Of course, I suppose I could just do things with hot water. I think hrafn might have left the rubber gloves, so I could protect my hands from the hot water. Hmm, we'll see, I guess. On hrafn's advice, I opened one of the doors in the basement that leads to the unheated area. I hope that unfreezes the pipe soon.

Slept for a while, had a phone call, thought I would get up, then slept for a while more. I really was all ready to at least start on the dishes. Bah. I guess I can clean my room a bit. I hope to feel productive enough with cleaning this afternoon that I can feel okay just relaxing this evening. I think I've decided to stay home and watch my new DVD, The Professional. If anyone is planless and would like to come by to watch it, that would be fine.
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