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Random - Queue — LiveJournal
February 12th, 2003
09:15 pm


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Just for kicks, I decided to add some more people to my user database for the userpic script. If you do not supply it a user name to start with, it finds a random one through random.bml. I ran it, and it wasn't finding a user (I'm glad I put helpful error messages in there. Neato). It looks like the random user thing has been disabled, since it just takes you to LiveJournal's start page. I wonder if that was done to stop scripts like mine. So, I'm glad I gathered all those thousands of user names before that happened. I decided to try to find a user in some large community (I think I found someone with an interesting userpic who had posted a comment in news). So, my script is now happily plugging away, finding friends of friends of friends.

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