Queue (queue) wrote,

An evening

majes came over to transfer data between from my computer to hrafn's computer. He used a super-nifty external USB hard drive. While stuff was transferring from my computer to the drive, we ate dinner. theora ended up joining us, and we had a nice dinner of chicken, beans, adnd corn, finished off with the lime Bavarian. We played two games of Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers, and theora won them both. The first by a lot, the second by a little. somewhere in there, we started the transfer from the hard drive to hrafn's machine. We also ate an old package of Rookie Team Jelly Bellies. Several experimental flavors. My favorites were Tobasco flavored cinnamon and Dr. Pepper. My least favorite was caramel corn. That's just wrong. We also finished off a bar of chocolate that I had gotten for Christmas 2001 (well, actually Epiphany 2002). I never think about it, since it's sort of hidden away in a basket next to the stove. majes left while the transfer was still taking place. I checked the transfer before going to bed, and there was an error message about not enough space. It seems the computer has two drives (or at least two partitions), but together there's only something like 4 GB of space. The important files had transfered already, so I hand-selected some of the remaining music files to copy to the other partition. Everything was fine in the morning, so I packed up the hard drive in majes's laptop case to bring with so that I can drop it off at his place on the way home from Star Wars: The Musical tonight.

I didn't end up doing any homework yesterday, since I just didn't feel like it. I might try to reserach some markets at work today, since I think work will be a little slow. I might even consider taking off early, but I don't really have anywhere to hang out. I also don't have a book to read, since I finished my current book on the T this morning and forgot to bring another one with. Time for fiction, so I'll have to decide tomorrow what book to read. I suppose I could browse Barnes & Noble for magazines to get ideas for markets. I also bought a membership to the online version of Writer's Market, so I can check that out at work.

So, the book I read was pretty neat. Newton's Clock: Chaos in the Solar System. It talked about the history of celestial mechanics and all of the various discoveries made along the way. From shifting to a sun-centered solar system, to wrestling with the problem of the moon's orbit, to trying to explain gaps in asteroid orbits. My only problem is that the book is 10 years old, so I'm really interested to know what new has been done/discovered since then. If anyone can recommend anything, that would be cool.

Time to do a little work. And, really, I do mean a little. They're still having weird technical things come up. The latest one scared me, since it looked possible I would have to redo some work, which I really hate. They figured out how to fix it, though, but not what was causing it. Stupid software.
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