Queue (queue) wrote,

New friend

While compiling the Compendium on Saturday, I thought I'd check out the userpic script again, jut to make sure it worked and all that good stuff. I saw an interesting userpic, so I thought I'd check out that journal. subzero is a photographer with some neat pictures of women, so I thought I'd add him. As a side note, at least two people noticed that I had added him before I said anything.

I was thinking over the weekend about trying to do some more photography. Some of my favorite pictures that I have taken have been of people. I am considering trying to experiment with taking portraits. I might just whip out my camera when I see people, but I also considered doing some actual photo shoots, just taking people's portraits. Not sure if staged shoots will be nearly as interesting as spur-of-the-moment real-life shots, though. Anyway, if anyone is interested in having their picture taken by me in my attempts to experiment with portraits, let me know.
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