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The staged reading of QED last night was very good. I found out that Alan Alda was in the original version, and I really would have liked to see that. Throughout the show, I imagined Alan Alda doing the lines.

After the play, three different people gave what were supposed to be five-minute talks, but which turned into probably about fifteen minutes per person. The first guy was a youngish professor of the history of science at MIT, and he actually never met Richard Feynman (died in 1988). The second person to speak was Marvin Minsky. He's one of the big names in artificial intelligence, and he helped found the AI lab at MIT. His talk was thoroughly enjoyable, especially with all of his little side diversions. The third guy was *checks program for name* . . . not in the program. And i forgot all about the real first guy, who is a bongo drummer and author of some books about Feynman. Anyway, the last guy was a computer scientist and self-described physicist, although he said that Feynman was one of the only physicists he's ever found who would listen to his weird ideas. He supposedly has some strange theory that mot physicists won't even listen to, but he didn't go into it. Might be interesting to look into. Anyone know his name? I'm sure it will be in some Feynman book.

Anyway, lots of fun, and there was a special Feynman flavor of ice cream created just for the event by Toscanini's. Tea, lemon, and cream, inspired by a Feynman anecdote, which was very yummy (the ice cream, not the anecdote).

I start working with the files for Chapter 11 today. I should have no trouble getting through all of them, so we'll see if there are any problems. Then all that's left for the first round is Chapter 13 sometime next week, assuming I get all of the pieces. Still waiting on the final file fixes for Chapters 5, 7, and 9. Once those and Chapter 13 are done, I think I'll be moving on to my next job here, which is kind of exciting, unless they stick me with writing exercises again.

Writers With Drinks tonight, which will be my first time. And there's actually someone whose work I've read who is going to be there (science fiction author Jeffrey Carver). Tomorrow is moving day. Sunday is snowshoeing, I think. Tuesday is a movie. Monday gaming got cancelled, so I may actually just stay home Monday evening and try to clean up the house so that I can start thinking about advertising for a roommate.
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