Queue (queue) wrote,

The Avocado-Ketchup Experiment

I ate one avocado. Then I had a craving for something spicier. I thought I would try using some of my ketchup packets with my next avocado. Thoughts of that compelled me not to wait, so I ate the second avocado with ketchup. Yum.

I really need to work. I get really distracted when it's something I don't want to do. I hate having to transfer buttloads of comments, basically rewrites of whole sections of a page, from the vendor's copy of the pages to my copy. It's like, why the hell couldn't you have gotten it right the first time, you bastards, making me fill the whole page up with additions. So, anyway, not wanting to do that is making me not do that. Time to do it now and just get it over with. It's jut one page. Then it'll be over.

One final note. I think magid is contagious. Witness:

avocado - the martial art where you throw lawyers around ("avocat" is French for "lawyer", and the "t" is silent)
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