Queue (queue) wrote,

WESUN solved

Name a breakfast food in 7 letters. Add the letter F. Rearrange the resulting 8 letters to get the name of a dinner entree. Note: Both parts of the answer are generic terms in the dictionary. What food is it?

While my program was chugging away, I thought I'd just scan the file I'd made with 8-letter words that contain f. It's only about 3900 words, so it wasn't too big of a list. Also, I skipped a lot of the words beginning with f (I wish I had thought of that sooner), since it was unlikely to have been made into a puzzle if the answer began with an f.

Anyway, I found it by scanning the list. Whee. I probably won't submit it, since I have a feeling that this will get a lot of submissions, so the chances of winning are smaller than usual. Still, it'll make a good entry for the Compendium (it feels like it's been so long since I last updated that. Man, it's been a long month).
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