Queue (queue) wrote,

So far, so good

Was hungry this morning at home, but my stomach was fine other than that. I need to get some soy milk so I can have that for breakfast. I'm taking advantage of a ride home tonight to get some shopping done. Got to work and grabbed a Cokesoy shake, then had the usual lunch about an hour ago. Stomach is still doing okay.

Started working on the files for chapter 9. I've made it through the frontmatter and the first lesson, and no file problems so far. if there continue to be no problems, I should be able to get this chapter out today, which would be sooner than the estimate of Wednesday that I gave my boss yesterday. Although, I'm half expecting to finally hear back from electronic production today about chapter 5, since I assume someone would have let them know that I'm waiting on them before they can get chapters 5 and 7 back.

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