Queue (queue) wrote,

Work stuff

So, I had an email waiting for me this morning syaing that the people who were put onto the side project that I was put onto were being pulled off. It's probably mostly because I let me supervisor know that it would most likely take me through the rest of this week to do it all. So, I'm finishing up one part of it, supposedly by 1 today. Then I get to move back to my real project, which I have a bit of work on. That should keep me busy at leats for the next couple of days.

In non-work news, my stomach is bothering me. Started this morning. Haven't felt like eating anything because of it, so I haven't eaten yet today. I wish I knew what was causing this sporadic stomach weirdness. It seems to generally eb triggered after I eat, but not always. Started Friday night/Saturday morning, if I remember corrcetly. Not feeling bad enough to stay home from work, though.

Maybe if there's some anticipated slowness, I'll take a sick day later this week. My first real sick day, since I have benefits now. If I remember correctly, I get 5 sick/personal days and something like 10 vacation days. I'll have to check on those vacation days, though.

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