Queue (queue) wrote,

Weird dreams

Two notable weird sexual dreams. Yes, they are both about a person I know. No, I'm not going to tell who that person is.

The first one started out not-her, but then it changed into her pretty
quickly. We were going to have sex, but there was all sorts of food coming
out of herr vagina. Like, a whole meal, what she just ate, completely
unchanged. I asked if her cells had problems processing food sometimes,
and she said yeah, it happened only like once a year, and then she just
had to deal with it until it passed, usually just like a day. Except that
this time it had been happening for a while. She had eaten some kind of
turkey or chicken dinner, with all sorts of vegetables cooked with it, so
it was mostly carrots and celery and such. Then, since she knew it was
probably going to keep happening for a while, she decided to go ahead and
eat the gravy that went with it, since that made snese for some reason.

There was another one with some other stuff going on, and it was like we
were in some movie. I knew the plot, and I saw us acting it out. Some
normalish stuff. Then there was a part where she wanted to train me to
eventually be able to have sex with her without using my hands. Don't
remember as much about that one.
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