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It's probably just as well - Queue — LiveJournal
January 25th, 2003
11:31 am


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It's probably just as well
I download a Commodore 64 emulator and the game Phantasie. I started up a party and played for a bit, saving the game, then couldn't find the saved game when I loaded it back up. The characters are still there, but loading the saved game loads up one that was already there. Hmm, I wonder if I can just remove those characters.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn't spend time trying to figure it out, because it feels so attractive. I spent many, many hours playing these games (Phantasie, Phantasie II, and Phantasie III) when I was in grade school. Many, many hours. I loved these games. I still do. So, yeah, I don't really need to get sucked into them.

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Date:January 25th, 2003 12:40 pm (UTC)
I imagine Home of the Underdogs has the first and third for IBM-compatible machines (the second wasn't released for IBM, AFAIK). Not sure if that's any "help" or not. (And yes, they were very cool games. J.R. Trolkin, indeed.)
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