Queue (queue) wrote,


I'm working slowly. Turns out that the person who was originally working on these was told not to worry about the art for these questions, since someone else would be doing the art. Well, it turns out that whoever else was going to be doing the art couldn't, for whatever reason, so the person is now responsible for the art. She started doing some, and the supervisor guy pulled two of us onto this project to do some art.

Well, as it turns out, the person thought that not doing the art meant not doing any of the questions that had art in them. So, there are whole lessons and even chapters where she wrote nothing, since they involved art. So, I get to write questions _and_ draw art, and I really don't like writing questions. Because of this, I'm going slow.

I have work on my other project to do. I would much rather do that than this. I hope to at least get some of this done today, then be able to work on my stuff next week. More of my stuff arrived today, too, so it might make sense to start working on it sooner rather than later.

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