Queue (queue) wrote,

Equation Editor fuckupedness

So I did some experimenting. Because, it seemed that just these two sets of equations that I was trying to enter just weren't showing up. When I'd save the equation, it would just show up as a blank box of the appropriate size. When I double-clicked on it to edit it, it would be there in the Equation Editor window, but it's like, in the Word document, it had its text white or something. And this was for 2 out of the 10 equations, and just those 2. No matter where in the document I put them. So I took the equation, changed one character, and it was fine. Something really bizarre is going on, and I have no idea why. So, I was able to just put two of the lines of equations (each bit was three lines of equations) in Equation Editor, and then last line just in regular text, since it doesn't have anything that requires Equation Editor. Someone is going to be cursing me down the line, I'm sure, but I'm just stumped as to why it wasn't working.
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