Queue (queue) wrote,

What timing

Well, I finished the one chapter of questions and answers for the side project, and then I was told to hold off on that, that I should help out with something else, but I'm not doing anything with it until we have a meeting about it at 10:30 tomorrow. Well, just a little bit ago, I find on my chair the 2nd pages for Chapter 1. That was quick. And I think the guy who made the changes really knows what he's doing, so this should go pretty easily. All I have to do is check to make sure that the changes I asked for were made, and that no new mistakes crept in.

So, that should keep me busy most of the morning tomorrow before my meeting. Then I get to help draw tech art, which, honestly, I much prefer over writing tests. I told the guy I'm doing this for that I hate writing tests, and he actually took that into consideration. It's really nice working for/with people who know what's going on.

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