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Monday - Queue — LiveJournal
January 21st, 2003
10:28 am


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I ended up finishing Tron, which I enjoyed. I'll have to watch the making of the movie and stuff on the second disk some time. I ended up mostly spending time cleaning my room yesterday. I managed to throw out many papers and such. I also have a few stacks of things I'm keeping but don't know where to put, yet. The bottom shelf has "toys" (guns and legos and things), the next shelf has all of the books that were in my room (I'll probably leave them there until hrafn moves out and I figure out how much shelf space I have), and the top shelf has all of my movies, which need to be organized a bit. That leaves two shelves of stuff to finish going through, and then I need to decide where to put all of the stuff that I'm keeping.

Of course, before I do that, I guess it would make sense to go through the boxes of miscellany in my closet, so that I can know how much I have to find room for before I actually find room for it.

Gaming was good last night, especially since nothing horribly awful happened. I even got to spend a couple of development points on my skills instead of just buying hero points, the points that are used to save your ass when you roll poorly in a dangerous situation. I might even be able to not spend any hero points in the next session, too, but we'll see.

Starting in on writing questions now for the e-book. This is just temporary while I'm waiting for work on my current project, but at least it's temporary work on the kinds of things I'm going to be doing once I'm done with my current project, and it's working for the person for whom I'm going to be working once I'm done with my current project.

It looks like i may be able to release Chapter 5 today, though, which would be cool. It's not much work, just making edits to a few files once electornic production fixes them, and then Xeroxing the pages and giving them to someone else. Still, it'll be nice to get another thing off of my desk.

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Date:January 21st, 2003 08:21 am (UTC)


The huge "Making of..." on the second disc is really, really cool. Pretty much all the people involved except David Warner (Dillinger/MCP) sit around and talk about the experience. Fascinating tidbits, like why there are occasionally bits where the ambient light gets suddenly darker or lighter, or why it was excluded from the special effects Oscar (because they 'cheated' by using computers). The director's commentary is pretty good, too.
But then, Tron is one of my favorite movies.
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