February 24th, 2008


From my cousin in Iraq

Well, we're finally back in Habbaniyah for a while from the whole Fallujah thing. It was interesting the past 3 weeks and I've never been so involved in so many things at once. From operating and being in charge of as many as 12 guys to meeting with local leaders, who, three years ago, were the main effort of the insurgency in Fallujah. Now they are turned good, to keep out Al Queada in Iraq, which no one seems to want in the region. From that we did vehicle patrols throughout the area. Everywhere from Fallujah to Ramadi (maybe our home soon enough) to some pretty run down places in Baghdad. My arabic is finally in full swing and i'm starting to sound like an interpreter, haha.. not really, but it is getting better quickly. The past weeks were filled with findings of suicide vests in the area, and a plot to blow up our checkpoint that became unfoiled by one of the women who were suppose to carry it out.... And yes i did say one of the 6 women who were suppose to come the next day. Luckily for me, who sits down and talks with the IP's and helps search vehicles periodically that it didn't happen. Some of the Iraqi Police in the 1 mile radius weren't as luckily. Three suicide vests attacks happened within 2 days killing many iraqi police officers around us and guys that we knew.. But everything moves on and of course we go on with our mission. We are now running operations out of Habbaniyah, mainly vehicles patrols and whatnot.

Other than that I've been taking on a lot more responsibilities, such as leading my own vehicle patrols and foot patrols. Which is very interesting and surprising seeing how I'm not a sergeant yet. But someone must trust me. haha. idiots.. The heat is starting to turn up and it's nearing 80's somedays and somedays it gets pretty cold.. Interesting eh? haha. But that has helped me finally get down to my ideal, and best shape of my life so far, that and lifting weights at least once a day. So this whole Iraq experience can't be that bad eh? And I've started to finally read the bible again and get my whole life into perspective and enjoy it once again. Too bad it's starting here.. haha.. hopefully i'll get into the full swing of it when i come home, June 1st.... hopefully that is our new day to return home, which means... well which means great news for me.. haha. But let's not keep my fingers crossed so quickly.. We shall see. I will be writing soon enough and i'll try to get pictures out as soon as i can. They block the USB ports due to OPSEC (operational security) reasons around here.. But, i always find ways around things.. Time to go smoke my hookah and enjoy my time here.. Take care everyone.