February 11th, 2008


Slight Change in Theme, but the Meaning is the Same

Dream last night where I failed school. It was some weird combination of high school and college. The final exams were pretty much completely incomprehensible, but it didn't really matter as I had already failed at that point. I was explaining to my mother that the problem was that I didn't expend enough concentration on my classes. I spent time there, but I had more mental energy invested in playing computer games, and therefore I didn't learn. I was in the last math class. Again, I knew that I had failed, so not a whole lot mattered at that point. The teacher was talking about a proof of something that was fairly obvious if you were able to think about it in the right way, but he was going through the whole proof because most people couldn't see it that way. At the end, he said something along the lines of how this kind of thing (it wasn't quite a tautology, but it was something fundamental to what was being discussed) was something that you could almost say was true "24 hours a day, 7 days a week." I raised my hand, knowing that the rest of the class wouldn't care about the point I was going to make, but wanting to make it anyway. I said that you could say that for any proposition that ended up being true, for example, "k=1, given the set k={1,2,3,4}." I was trying to get at the point that the more fundamental thing wasn't any more "true" than anything else that was true, that he really needed to say something else about it. He answered me with some answer that didn't quite hit on my point. I had plenty more to say, but pretty much everyone else in the class had their hand raised after he answered, and I was content to sit back and let the other people ask questions.