January 28th, 2008


My cousin is back in Iraq

Well now I actually have more than 2 minutes to try to let yall know how i'm doing over here. But yeah, it was also a little early there when i was writing. Right now we're basically gettin use to the place over here. It's more for the newer guys who don't have the shock and awe of being here in Iraq. But really, for the next day or two, all we'll be doing is eating, sleepin, and working out. But i definitely figured if i have to be here in hell all hot and sweaty, I might as well work out as much as i can everyday.. so i can finallyy be in shape. haha. No but really, that's all we're doing. And watching The Office, which is the best show on earth. Going over little classes and me teaching the younger guys Arabic also takes up a little part of the day. But I know this sittin around doing nothing isn't going to last for long, so i'm trying to enjoy it while i can.

Like I said, in a couple of days we're pickin up and moving to Fallujah area right near Blackwater Bridge, which is the infamous bridge. I should actually be passing near it all the time. And after a couple months, who knows where I'll be. It's funny, i'm the one who's suppose to tell the younger guys what's going on, when in all actuality i have no idea what's going on. haha. But we definitely have more armor this time around. The new MRAP's are amazing and the up armored Hummers are very nice and safe. They're going to have to plant a pretty big one to get me this time. And we shouldn't really have to worry about another huge ambush like last time, but more about snipers and suicide vest wearing idiots. But to counter that, Iraq has calmed down a lot. There are even units here that are going on patrols with only their weapons. Meaning no flak jackets or kevlar helmets. Pretty sweet... If we did that I probably wouldn't have back problems. haha.. But yeah, internet will be very limited or none in a couple days.. So yeah, I won't really be able to read anymore facebook wall posts. brittany.. haha. Anyways, thanks for all the support, this time seems a lot tougher for me for some reason, but I should be fine. And for anyone that is around, I'll be christening my new apartment with a big party. And I'll try to fly out to see the family finally. I love yall and thanks again.

Oh, and some of you are asking what to send, workboot socks, cushiony ones. Please. Thanks