January 26th, 2008


The short version (since I've already told the longer version several times)

  • Car broken into while parked near Davis Square. GPS stolen. Front driver's window smashed to hell (and I found a 3-lb barbell weight on the floor of the passenger's seat).
  • Called police, and they had somehow recovered the GPS! I need to call back tomorrow to talk to the officer who handled it. No other details on that yet.
  • I requested an appointment via an online form for a local glass company. Nobody seems to be open on Sunday, so I hope to have this taken care of Monday.
  • Yes, I know that at least one of you advised me to not leave the GPS in the car. Lesson learned.
  • Yes, I have heard (from two people, after the incident) that there have been a rash of these in the Davis Square area.
  • No, I'm not terribly upset about this. I'll get the GPS back, the window should be replaced with a minimum of hassle, I have a somewhat interesting story to tell, and, hey, free 3-lb weight.