January 21st, 2008


Stupid OKCupid questions

I skip a fair number of OKCupid questions because I wouldn't pick one of the choices, or because the answer is "it depends." Here's an example of a really dumb OKCupid question:
Do you believe that the human race will become extinct sometime during your lifetime?
I'm not sure.
No... In fact... That's impossible.
I don't believe that this will happen, but I also don't think that it's impossible (asteroid strike, whatever). Why did the question writer feel the need to throw that extra crap into the last option? Because of it, I must skip this question.

I wish there were some sort of feedback mechanism for questions.

Elizabeth and the Catapult on Thursday

I'm considering going to see Elizabeth and the Catapult on Thursday at the Paradise Lounge at 8. I really enjoyed them last time (they are a New York band and don't make it to Boston often), not the least because Elizabeth sounds quite a bit like Johnette Napolitano.

Is anyone interested to go with? I may decide that two nights out in a row is too much (I'm helping teach a class in town on Wednesday), but having someone to go with might sway me in the direction of going.