January 14th, 2008


Go Snow Lightning!

Getting ready this morning, I saw a flash coming from outside, followed by what might have been a snow plow grating on the road. When I was outside cleaning my car, it was confirmed that there was lightning, and then a very nice thunder crack very shortly after the lightning. One more blast at some point on the way to work. It was pretty intense experiencing that fairly close by while standing outside.

Route 9 was not so good. I didn't feel comfortable going more than 30, and in some places it was bad enough that I didn't want to go over 20. I imagine it's likely that I'll be the only one in today. If you're reading this and have a driving commute, I would really recommend that you stay home or take the T. The plows are out, but the snow is heavy, and there will be more drivers on the road in the next hour or so.