April 12th, 2007


Production editor position at my company

My company (small, independent scientific and technical publisher) is looking for a production editor. You can see our job ad. We're probably going to be a bit relaxed about wanting someone with both InDesign and LaTeX experience, but having one of them is probably essential (although it's not impossible that the right person without either of those particular skills could get hired, in particular if that person has previous book production experience).

Feel free to spread this around. We've done a few interviews but haven't found the right person. I think we're going to post this with BostonWorks, so we might get a flood of applicants soon.

Feel free also to mention me (my non-LJ name, obviously) when submitting a resume, and also feel free to email me when you've submitted it. It probably won't make any difference in whether you get hired or not, but you might hear back a little quicker if I know about it. (Note that I don't get any compensation for referring someone.)

I'm very happy to answer questions about the job and about the company.