August 11th, 2006



I just found out that our former customer service person died of a heart attack. 42 years old, 3 kids (2 in high school, one in 4th grade or something). Her mother died some time around New Year's, and she ended up deciding to quit because she felt her life was passing her by.

So, I only worked with her for something like 6 months, but it's still kind of bad. Unlike a lot of my friends, I haven't had a lot of people I knew die. My brother died in 1994, and then my uncle died a year later. Since then, though, I haven't had any family, coworkers, or friends die. I'm sure one doesn't get used to something like that, but it just isn't something I've had to deal with in the past ten years.

I'm not sure about going to a funeral (no details yet). On the one hand, having a large contingent from work would show support to her family (as well as to my bosses, who were friends with her). On the other hand, funerals are not particularly fun, and it would probably bring up lots of memories of my brother's funeral, which I don't particularly feel like dealing with. I guess we'll see when the funeral is and how I feel at the time.