May 30th, 2006


A good weekend

More chafing of my inner thigh after running on Saturday morning. After running, I spent a few hours getting some work done. Then I watched some West Wing, finishing off Season 6. Not quite sure what I did the rest of Saturday. Probably just watched TV, although I did go for a short walk to drop the Netflix envelopes off at the post office.

Sunday I went into town. I bought a pair of running shorts at EMS in Harvard Square. They're supposed to "wick" the moisture away from your skin, so I'm hoping that they'll solve the chafing problem. I was planning on running again this weekend, but I didn't sleep well either Sunday night or Monday night (stupid heat), so I didn't get up early to go running.

Sunday afternoon I played some games: Jungle Speed, Tichu, and Condottiere. All of them are ostensibly card games, but they're very different. Jungle Speed requires quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. Tichu is more like a normal card game. Condottiere has a board, and you're trying to win territory with your cards. The most interesting thing about it is that there is a lot of "group think" involved, so there really isn't a consistent winning strategy. I've played it twice now and haven't done all that well either time, which is kind of unusual for me with a card game.

Then I had dinner with hrafn in Harvard Square at a Malaysian place (Penang, I think). It was OK, except I should remember to never order a whole fish (stupid bones). Then we went to Million Year Picnic, where I picked up Deogratias, Vampire Loves, and Box Office Poison. Deogratias is a bit frightening, as it's about the Rwandan genocide, but it's done in a really good way. Vampire Loves is very cute and very French. The same author apparently did a series called Little Vampire, aimed more at kids, I gather. This one is definitely not for kids. I started Box Office Poison as I was going to sleep last night, and so far I'm enjoying it almost as much as I enjoyed Tricked, another graphic novel by Alex Robinson. After Million Year Picnic, we went for ice cream and walked around for quite a while and talked.

Monday was birthday cake day, thanks to magid. Yum. Very sweet cake, probably too sweet for some people. And then I went chez Ramkosch for some Doctor Who and Robot Chicken, finally seeing the second half of a Doctor Who two-parter that I saw just about a year ago in England.

Today looks to be a relatively quiet day at work, what with my bosses taking the day off and me being all caught up on my production projects. This means I can spend the day doing some organization and catching up on my editorial projects. And then I really should do some laundry and dishes and other general cleaning at the house when I get home. And I should have a decent amount of time at home tonight, since I might actually be able to leave by 5 today, or *gasp* maybe even before 5.

I will definitely go running tomorrow morning, I think.


I'm cleaning up my desk looking for a paper, and I came across last week's marketing update, which lists, among other things, what conferences we have coming up. Seeing that prompted me to add upcoming conferences to the calendar on the wall at work. I had another conference added last week that I'm going to (a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Dartmouth AI conference), so that brings the total for the calendar year up to eight, unless something else gets added. Of those eight, six are between June and November, an average of one a month. I really like going to conferences, as talking to people about our books really gets me energized about work.

I have a feeling that, once I shift over to full-time editorial work, I may end up going to a lot more gaming conferences in a bid to hear about new book projects and to make my face known in the community.