February 20th, 2006

orange dream

Financial day

Thanks to some help, I have my 401K paperwork all set up (I just have to turn it in at work on Tuesday). Thanks to some clever negotiating on my part, I believe this means we will be seeing some posts from a certain someone soon.

I also did most of my taxes. TurboTax currently has a bug in it that won't let you enter your charitable contributions, so I'm holding off until they get that fixed. It looks like I'm actually going to owe a little bit of money this year, but it's going to be under $100.

Once I get my taxes finalized, I think I'm also going to look into getting a CD from my credit union. They are currently offering a decent rate on their ten-month CDs, so I think I'm going to dump a bunch of money into that until I figure out something better to do with it.

And I'm probably going to be starting a Roth IRA. I'm not sure if I'll keep contributing the maximum every year, but I can at least take a chunk of my house profits and make the maximum contributions for 2005 and 2006 (I found out that I have until April to make IRA contributions for the previous year).

Feels pretty good to be getting this financial stuff in order. I hope to be able to get the house in some kind of good shape tomorrow; I seem to be in that kind of mood, which is good.

King of Kings

In a dream I had last night, there was a kid named Arthur who was going to replace King Arthur at a certain time, like some kind of mystical, ritual passing on of the King Arthur title. At the point that was about to happen, the dream shifted so that I was that kid. The people in the house I was in got up in the morning, including the old King Arthur, and I was sitting there as the kid who had just become the new King Arthur. And I realized that I had also become Jesus at the same time. And I realized that I could keep my same initials, KJ, since I had become "k"ing and "J"esus.