January 27th, 2006


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I stayed up way late playing Mount&Blade last night. One of the blogs I read mentioned this game recently. It's an independent game being made by a husband-and-wife team. They release weekly builds, but the game is already playable (I'm not sure if they're just fixing bugs with the weekly builds or adding features, as well). You can download and play it for free, but your character is limited to sixth level. After that, you can buy it from their site and get a code to enter into the game. I might actually think about buying it if I wouldn't be so tempted to stay up way too late too many nights. I still might think about buying it. It's only $14 now, and I guess the price will gradually increase with each release, until it hits the release price of $25. And, you know, I can even consider it work in some sense, since we want to publish more books on games. And, really, how can I acquire and publish books no games without playing lots of games? I'm pretty much required to buy this game. See? I just convinced myself to buy it. And now I just bought it.
A consequence of staying up too late is that I was pretty tired this morning (I started to write this post about 5 hours ago and then got interrupted with work). I'm doing better now, but I was tired enough that the first thing my boss said to me this morning was, "What's wrong?" I would have said I'm going to get an early night tonight, but it turns out I'm going to be going to my bosses' house tonight to get some work done. But at least I'll get dinner out of the deal. It's definitely going to be another working weekend. I'm going to get up Saturday and work straight through until my sister comes to pick me up at 6 for dinner. Then I'm going to get up on Sunday and work. I've got a thing to go to, but I don't know if I can afford the time, especially since I'll have to rely on Sunday commuter-rail service. I guess I'll make that determination Sunday morning based on how much I have left to do.
I've been in a mood to write more in LJ lately, but I just don't have the time for more right now.