November 26th, 2005



I'm off to Poughkeepsie for the night. My sister and her husband are picking me up, and we're driving to my dad's new place. We're coming back fairly early tomorrow in hopes of beating some of the worst post-Thanksgiving traffic.

I got one box unpacked this morning (it was a big box). I'm going to try for a few more before my sister arrives.

Looking forward to my vacation next week. Of course, I'm likely going to start my vacation by going into work, but I'm going to tell people that I'm not really there.

Housewarming, December 2

A reminder that my housewarming is on Friday from 5:30 on. Come by and eat and chat and maybe play some games. RSVP for address, and let me know if you need a ride (for those not paying attention, I'm in Wellesley, a short walk from the Wellsley Square stop on the commuter rail. Coming out on the commuter rail shouldn't be a problem, but timing going back into town sucks. There are definitely possibilities of getting rides back into town).

It's kind of nice timing that this will be two days after I close on my house, so it's an extra special celebration.