November 18th, 2005



I missed the fact that Your Move Games started publishing games last year. They have three games out. Anyone played their games and want to say something about them?

Electrician not needed

So, apparently I have some smoke detectors that are battery-operated and some that are hardwired into the house. The fire department came by today to do the smoke-detector inspection, and the hardwired ones didn't go off. So my realtor says I need an electrician to come in to look at this and get them working. Anyone have someone to recommend to do this? So I guess my realtor is bringing an electrician in tomorrow, so it's not something I have to deal with.

(I'm wondering if I can't just rip those ones out and install new battery-operated ones in their place. Not sure what that would mean for the wiring that's there for the existing ones, though.) (According to the realtor, I can't do this.)