November 14th, 2005


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On Saturday, I packed magid's car completely full and moved the last bits of my stuff to Wellesley. I'm going back this week to take care of the trash and recycling, but I'm pretty much done other than that. And I even took a little time on Sunday to get some furniture in place in the living room. I want to do the same thing for the office, and then I guess it's time for opening boxes and putting stuff away.

My skateboard was up in the attic at the house, and I brought it over on Saturday. I started skating around 6th grade, I think. I did it because my friends did it, and I wanted to fit in. I stopped skating as much when I got to high school, but I still kept my board. I never was the type to try to do many tricks, although I did learn how to ollie. I mostly just used it to go around town with my friends. This morning, after many years of not being on a skateboard, I decided I would save a few minutes and skate to work. No big deal, right? Um, yeah. I guess I weigh quite a bit more than I did in grade school and high school, without the commensurate increase in leg strength. My right leg has to support my whole weight while my left leg is off the board, and my right leg also has to keep me balanced at the same time. That's a lot to ask of a leg, especially one whose only exercise is walking.

I made it all the way to work, but I was limping pretty heavily when I got off the board, so much so that I didn't think I could handle the two flights of stairs so took the elevator. I feel fine now, but I'm not necessarily looking forward to skating home. I'll still do it, though. Getting a bit more exercise isn't a bad thing.

She's Such a Geek

charliegrrrl posted a call for submissions for She's Such a Geek, "An Anthology by and for Women Obsessed with Computers, Science, Comic Books, Gaming, Spaceships, and Revolution". Looking for essays of 3,000-6,000 words, pays $100 plus two books. I'm sure everyone reading this either is or knows someone who could write something for this. Check out the link and pass it on.