November 7th, 2005


Housewarming, Friday, December 2

At some point I may actually get around to sending out email invites, but I wanted to let people know about my housewarming. It will be Friday, December 2, at my new place in Wellesley. It's about 10 minutes (walking) from the Wellesley Square commuter rail stop (Framingham/Worcester line). Probably starting around 5:30 or so and going until late. It would be nice to know who's coming so I can plan food and space accordingly. If you need a ride or can give a ride, let me know and I'll try to hook people up.

Edited to add: Commuter rail schedule:
Trains arriving at Wellesley Square from Boston: 5:40, 6:08, 6:56, 7:50, 8:53, 10:38
Trains departing Wellesley Quare for Boston: 6:27, 6:44, 7:44, 12:24

Yucko on the going-home trains. If you're coming by commuter rail and would like to leave before the 12:24 train (although you're welcome to stay until then), it's quite likely I'll be able to use a car to give a group ride back to town at a more reasonable hour (or possibly someone else can give a ride back if you take the commuter rail out).