October 29th, 2005


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A pretty good day so far. Got some moving done (one car load), and have now been getting some work done. Sitting at a card table with my laptop while watching some movies on TV (Mystic Pizza and Gunshy, so far). And I'm facing windows out front where the snow is really coming down now, which is really beautiful. I doubt there will be any accumulation, but I haven't checked the weather yet.

First time I'm doing actual work on a weekend. I made lots of editorial contacts at the two conferences I was at, so I've got a lot of work to do, mostly keeping in touch with people. It feels good to be getting stuff done, and this kind of stuff would be kind of difficult to do in the office. I'm supposed to be 50-50 production and editorial right now, but production always seems to take precedence when I'm in the office. Now that I have TV other than broadcast, it's actually pretty nice to just sit in front of Law & Order or some dumb movie and get some emailing done.

I've got three DVDs of Dilbert waiting for me at some point. I think I want to wait to watch them until I'm done with work, since I actually want to pay attention to it. I really liked the Dilbert show when it was on, and I was sorry to see it get canceled.

I put two bookshelves where they are going to go in the living room. I think I might try to get the rest of the furniture in place today, and then I can start putting stuff away, which will mean I can feel like I can start cooking stuff here. All I've had today are some cookies and some orange juice. I borrowed a car (to do the moving), so I think I might make a quick trip to the grocery store to get some stuff to eat that doesn't take much prep time. I think I might get some stuff for sandwiches for lunch next week. Ah, work next week. Monday is my first day of the new commute. A fifteen-minute walk. I'm really looking forward to that.

In case I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm planning to have my housewarming on Friday, December 2, probably from 6:00 on. theora and jaq will be visiting, and I'm also going to invite people from work, although I don't know if anyone will show up.

I should think about a couch or futon or something. I gave away my futons, since I thought I was going to be moving into a studio apartment. Although maybe I'll just get another couple of nice chairs, big puffy things that people can relax comfortably in. We'll see. I think I definitely should find some kind of desk for my office, though, but that's something that can wait.

Snow seems to be picking up, now, and it's starting to accumulate. A quick check of the weather says there might be up to an inch of accumulation on grass, but then it'll start raining after midnight, so there shouldn't be any accumulation tomorrow.

OK, signing off from this semi-random post.