October 11th, 2005



I did 3 carloads this weekend, doing another one next weekend, and possibly another one or two the following week. Then the following weekend, the weekend of the 22nd, I'm planning to rent a van/truck and move all the furniture stuff and whatever remains of boxes and whatnot. I think I'm going to try to get the moving all done on Saturday, leaving me Sunday to clean the old place and pack for my trip on Monday. Is anyone free to help me move on Saturday? I haven't figured out timing, yet, so let me know what times are best and what times don't work.
A related request: can anyone with handyperson skills help me tighten the railing on my back porch? The new people want the railing tightened, and I have neither the tools nor the knowhow to do it myself. It's all wood, and I assume a hole would have to be drilled and a long wood screw put in. This could be accomplished any time next week or on the moving weekend.
Guh. Trying to move and get work done around the two conferences I'm going to this month is proving to be quite a challenge. I'll be really glad when this month is over.