September 30th, 2005


[This subject intentionally left blank]

Got a call from my realtor this morning. She should be coming by this evening with the P&S for me to sign. When I talked to her a week ago, it was supposed to be done "early next week" (i.e., several days ago), so I had started getting a little worried. This makes me feel good, though, knowing that things are moving along, with a likely closing date of October 28th.

Haven't heard more from my landlords-to-be. They'll be contacting me at some point to tell me to come swing by to sign the lease and drop off a check and pick up keys. I officially take possession of it a week from tomorrow, but the current tenant is supposedly out of there on Monday. They want some time to fix things up, but they said it shouldn't be a problem for me to be in there a bit before my actual move-in date. If anything, I might stop by next week some time to take some measurements so I can figure out in advance where everything should go. Of course, I'll be making trips there the weekend of the 8th and the weekend of the 15th, so I can probably just take measurements then. Current thinking is I'll do some packing this weekend, move some boxes when my dad is out the next weekend, move some more boxes when my mom is out the next weekend, and then rent a van or small truck the weekend of the 22nd for the furniture stuff. Then I'm out of town the 24th through the 27th, then I guess the closing is on the 28th. I guess that means I should probably set aside the 23rd for cleaning.

I'm starting to get slightly more organized at work, creating files for various things instead of just having them piled up on my desk. There are still piles on my desk, but not as many as there would have been if I hadn't done some organizing yesterday.

Going to see Mirrormask on Saturday. Other than that, no plans except for packing this weekend. And probably some Invader Zim, which I am enjoying.