September 25th, 2005


Interview questions from theora

1. Okay, I know you like Pink Floyd. I know you like listening to that AC/DC cd. I know you have music wishlist on your userinfo page. I also know that you have consistently disliked almost everything I've ever tried to introduce you to, even the things I really thought you'd go for. So, can you characterize your musical taste? What makes you like or dislike a particular cd?

I don't think I can characterize my musical taste. It's just not something I tend to think about, or even have the vocabulary to talk about. Growing up, I didn't really listen to music much. Maybe because my parents didn't listen to music. Maybe because the particular friends I hung out with early on didn't listen to much music. Dunno. I used to listen to the radio when I drove, but I've obviously stopped doing that (no car). I sometimes will put some music on at work, but that's pretty rare. I'll put music on at home if I'm doing the dishes or cleaning or something. There's one album I'll put on to dance to (Why Do Birds Sing?, Violent Femmes).

I think another reason I don't listen to music much is that I can't listen to music while I'm doing something that involves thinking, like reading, studying, whatever. I know other people like to have some music on while studying or something, but I find that I can't really concentrate on something else when there's noise happening.

That said (and I know this isn't really what you wanted), here are some bands whose CDs I will most frequently put on at home: Pink Floyd, Cake, Aqua, Blink-182, Bloodhound Gang, Violent Femmes. If anyone wants to offer up some analysis of my musical taste based on that, I'd be happy to hear it.

2. What if, because of some weird electrostatic anomaly, suddenly all tv and monitor screens started not working whenever you came anywhere near them (except at work :-P)? In other words, suddenly you were unable to watch tv or use the computer during your leisure time. What would you do? How would you spend your time?

I think I would definitely start buying more graphic novels. And I would do more other reading, as well. And I might even find the motivation to start writing. And maybe I'd go out and take photographs more. Um, could I still go to the movies? I might go to more movies if I couldn't watch anything on TV/DVD.

I really should try my hand at some writing again, and I definitely need to get out and take some more pictures. Here's hoping that, with all the extra leisure time I'll have after moving, I take more time to do things that are a bit more active than watching TV or futzing around on the computer.

3. Do you have a favorite meal, and if so, what is it? If not, what's your favorite T station?

I'm not sure I have a favorite meal. Grilled cheese and tomato soup was always nice growing up, although I've only done it a few times as an adult. Probably my most common meal in the past couple of years has been pasta with sausage and/or beans, but that's mostly because it's easy. Um, I should cook more with my increased leisure time, too. I mean, I'll have close to 3 hours per day more with the reduced commute. I hope I can make some good use of the time!

Hard to pick a favorite T station. Kendall because of the toys. Charles because of the view. I guess those are the two that come to mind.

4. Is there something you particularly want to see next time you visit the UK (assuming you ever want to come back)?

I'M NEVER COMING BACK!!!! Er, I mean, I think I'd like to actually see inside the Greenwich Observatory (and maybe do a picnic on the grounds). I'd like to see some castles. I'd like to see some of the coast.

5. If you could visit any place in the world that you wanted, anywhere at all, BUT the only way to get there was to walk on your own two feet, where would you go?

I've occasionally thought (not seriously) about walking somewhere far away. The destination wouldn't be nearly as important as the journey, though. I could see myself walking north during the summer, maybe to Canada. A walk along the coast might be nice, too.
If anyone wants to have me ask them some questions, comment here.