September 23rd, 2005


Apartment hunting

I looked at 2 places in Wellesley today.

The first one is a 40-minute walk from work (or a 10-minute bike ride or a 6- or 7-minute car ride) and is really nice and has lots of room.

The second one is a 20-minute walk from work (or a 5-minute bike ride or a 3- or 4-minute car ride) and is also nice (not quite as nice as the first one, but it has some other good features, and it's certainly nice enough) and has a good amount of room (not quite as much as the first one, but more than adequate for me, and certainly more than I'd be getting in Back Bay for the same price).

I told the second one that I'd take it, but the woman has to talk with her husband because he's shown it to some people and she's not sure what the status is. I'm hoping I'll hear back from them soon so that I can take the first place if the second place has already been claimed.

The first place is vacant, so I could get the keys whenever. The second place has someone moving out within a few days of October 1. So, either way, I'd probably be able to start moving some stuff in by early October, which would give me some time before my closing at/around the end of October.

Haven't seen the purchase-and-sale agreement yet, but that will be signed early next week. I talked to my realtor about it, and she told me a few minor things that are on it, so it's no big deal, and so I feel confident that this sale will go through. Whee!