September 13th, 2005


Days off

This is my 20th week at this job, and the only time I've taken off has been 6 vacation days for my trip to the UK. And there was once or twice that I took the early train (4:00 instead of 5:45) because I had stuff going on earlyish after work. No sick days. No personal days.

Compare this to my previous two jobs, where I made sure to take all of my sick days (mostly just as days to get some extra sleep) and personal days. I probably would have taken 3 or 4 days off during an equivalent amount of time.

At my current job, however, I don't think I could just wake up one morning and decide I didn't want to go into work (unless I were actually sick). I mean, yes, they can handle a day without me (although it might not be very pretty if that happened while no one else in Production is around, as is the case this week), but things would run much more smoothly if we were able to prepare for a day off, letting other people know about things that would be coming up that day and would need to be watched.

I think what I should do is plan a week of vacation at some point. If the house gets sold soon enough, then maybe I'll plan it around that. If not, then I should probably just pick a week where it looks like the production schedule will be light. We'll see in the next couple of weeks, probably.


At work, we have a network drive full of music. A while ago, I made a Winamp playlist with all of that music, and I sometimes listen to it all on shuffle. I hadn't listened to music at work in a while, but I decided that I felt like it today. So the song Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger comes on. It's the song with the line "I'm not sick but I'm not well" that was in some movie a few years ago (I'm too lazy to try to figure out which movie). I really like the song (I haven't forgotten about your interview questions, theora), so I decided to google the band. And it turns out that today is the release date of their first new album in five years.

As a bonus, they are going to be releasing their album free online in a week, so I can check them out to see if I like anything of theirs besides the one song I've heard. Their news page updates can be found at harveydanger_up, which I'll be watching to remind myself to download their album next week.

Anyone know about other bands releasing entire albums free online? Is this something that's happening a lot?