September 12th, 2005



This morning's Metro has a picture of the astronomical clock in Prague. It is being repaired and won't be working again until some time in November.

Yesterday, I saw a picture of the astronomical clock in Prague, courtesy of bubblebabble and bitty.

Social activity

I actually had a rather social weekend, probably the most social weekend I've had in quite some time. One of the things I've found myself doing a little bit was singing my little improvisational songs. Thinking about it, I realize that those are performance pieces: I don't do those when I'm alone. So, since so much of my time recently has been alone, there have been a lot fewer improvisational songs. And, as I'm sure everyone is thinking right now, that's quite a shame.

(To be quite serious for a moment, I really don't get why some people seem so bothered by them. Sure, they're not very good, but it's not like they (generally) say really horrible things or are very loud or go on for very long. Can anyone tell me why the little songs bother you at all?)