September 6th, 2005


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I had a really good weekend, probably my best in a while (most of my weekends recently have been spent mostly at home and mostly watching TV or on the computer). I got out of the house a bit, and I had some good times hanging out with people. I got laundry, dishes, and shopping done.

I kind of don't want to be back at work today, but there is the opportunity to get a lot done and feel accomplished at the end of the day, so we'll see.


From here:
No one knows why the "Save the Pretty Ones" program failed, but the fact remains that 20,000 beautiful young women are stranded without salads, lattes or text messaging.

House update

Turns out the person who made the offer hadn't actually been pre-approved for a mortgage, so that fell through. If they get their act together, they'll make another offer. In the mean time, I had another showing yesterday. The one thing he was concerned about (as a number of people have been) is the lack of driveway/deeded parking. He is supposedly going to come back at night and see what the parking situation is like. If it looks OK, he'll come back for a second showing with his wife. We'll see.
As I was going to sleep last night, I though for the first time about moving to Wellesley. Since I am now seriously considering not buying, I could possibly actually afford to live in Wellesley (there was no way I could afford to own in Wellesley). Having my total work commute be a thirty-minute walk could very likely offset the disadvantages of not living in town (being farther away from my friends, mostly).