September 5th, 2005



Just finished reading all of the comics that I bought on Thursday (and also Maus, which I borrowed from magid).

Tricked was excellent. I find that I really like these quirky, reality-based comics. Kinda reminded me of Summer Blond. I'll definitely have to look for more stuff like this, but I think I can start with some more stuff by Alex Robinson (and Adrian Tomine).

Due was pretty neat. Two separate stories by an Italian artist. The first one was a story about a serial killer. I guess I'm used to watching the crime shows on TV, because the ending kind of jarred me because we are left not being totally sure what the real story is. I appreciated the jarring, though. Another artists I'll have to look for (Michele Petrucci).

SPX2004 is an anthology by (I assume) attendees of SPX. These are published by (and benefit) the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, so that just adds to the fun. SPX2004 has a theme of "War", and it has a wide variety of approaches to the topic. I really found the energy created by lots of different artists really wonderful, inspiring, fantastic . . . I can't really capture it in words well. It made me feel really good. I will definitely have to get the previous anthologies and look for the future ones. I just checked out the SPX page, and they say that, this year, they're returning to not having a theme, so it'll be interesting to see how different that feels.

Marvel 1602 was, as expected, superbly written and wonderfully drawn. Even though I don't follow Marvel comics that much, I recognized almost all of the characters (the two exceptions being Magneto's two assistants). It's a neat story with a fairly logical explanation of why these Marvel characters are all showing up in 1602.

A few pages into it, I realized that I'd read Ronin before. I must have borrowed it from someone. I'm glad that I didn't remember it very well, so it got to be fairly new for me. It's a really neat story. I felt that the art got a little indistinct at times, hard to tell what some things were, exactly. I imagine that's the point, but it's not always my favorite. Still, it looks wonderful, so I'm not going to complain too much.

Maus was a good read. I wasn't expecting to get so much of the current relationship between father and son intertwined in the story. It really adds to the story. This was just the first volume, so I'll have to find the second volume to read at some point. Or maybe just buy the complete two-volume set.