August 29th, 2005

pink vader


So I finally got around to going to Stop & Shop last week so I could pick up some soy milk so that I could eat cereal in the mornings for breakfast. For a while, I had been doing my standard Burger King breakfast: 2 bacon, egg, and cheese Croissan'wiches and an orange juice. That usually lasted me until closer to lunchtime, but my bowl of cereal in soy milk is leaving me hungry again by 10:00 or even earlier.

Does my body just need time to adjust to eating cereal again? Do I need to supplement this with a glass of soy milk for the extra protein? Or maybe I need to supplement breakfast with some crackers and goat cheese, or maybe even some kind of goat-cheese pastry. OK, the pastry thing isn't very realistic, since I'm not going to take the time in the morning or even the evening before to bake, at least not with my current commute. Crackers and cheese sounds doable, though.


From Obscured by Species (I webcomic I've recently started reading due to a guest strip at Order of the Stick):

Niel's mom: I also prefer not to perpetuate a negative stereotype. No pun intended.
Niel: Mom, there wasn't even a hint of a pun in what you just said.
Niel's mom: I know. Which is why I didn't intend one.