August 17th, 2005



In general usage, do you consider the word "sphere" to mean just the outside surface, or are the points inside the surface automatically considered part of the sphere (i.e., without having to say "a sphere and its interior")? How about in general mathematical usage (which may be different from the precise mathematical definition of a sphere, which is only the surface and not the interior)?

An open letter to the copyeditor of the manuscript I'm working on

Do you own a fucking dictionary? I mean, I know you're a CS person and not necessarily a math person, but don't fucking query me about "parallelepiped" with "parallelpiped correct?" when you can bloody well look in a fucking dictionary or the freakin' Internet.

And, yes, "disjoint" is a word used to refer to sets. Fucking dictionary dot fucking com. No, I don't think "distinct" would be better.


P.S. And, yes, I'm sure the authors must have just mistyped "if" as "iff" 100 freaking times in the book. Thank you so much for just fixing that "error" without making any comment about it.