August 15th, 2005


Netflix and sleep

I've been trying out a variety of anime series using Netflix. I haven't been keeping a log of what I liked and what I didn't, but two recent ones that I'm in the middle of and am enjoying are the Ghost in the Shell standalones and Blue Gender. I've started only putting the first of an anime series at the top of my queue so I don't get more discs if the first one turns out to suck. I've also done the same thing with 80s TV shows after the experience of having enough Dukes of Hazzard after 3 episodes or so.
In other news, barring brief interruptions for a phone call, some thunder, and some loud neighbors, I slept from about 1600 on Sunday to about 0500 on Monday. Probably due to two main factors: staying up late-ish the two previous nights (something like 0100); and not eating a whole lot, since most of my time during the weekend was spent playing on the computer or watching Netflix.

The Ur-Quan Masters

After many more hours of play this weekend, the Kohr-Ah started wiping out all of the other civilizations. Oops. I guess I took too long. That made some of the quests a lot easier, since I just had to visit the planet and pick up the item I needed. Of course, it made some of the quests impossible, too, so I decided that I was done playing the game. I removed it from my computer and skimmed a walkthrough for the game. Glad to have that out of my system.