July 31st, 2005


American Beauty at LSC

American Beauty is playing for free at LSC at 8:00 this Friday. I get back from SIGGRAPH early Friday morning, so I assume I'll be all rested up and ready to head out by the evening. Anyone want to go see this movie with me?

Time screwups and parents

Two sets of two today. Two time screwups, one of them my fault (hrafn is coming to pick up her desk tomorrow, not today), one of them not (the realtor told me 2:00-3:30 for the open house, when it was actually 12:00-1:30, which I found out at 12:00). And both of my parents called. They're both in the process of looking for jobs.
I ordered a cab for 5:00 tomorrow morning. We'll see if it gets here on time. It only takes something like 15 minutes to get to the airport, so, even if the cab is a bit late, I should be OK for my 6:30 flight. It's going to be a pretty busy time in Los Angeles, although I will have some time Tuesday evening while my bosses are having dinner with some friends. I'll probably just end up sitting in the hotel room and watching TV, but maybe I'll head out and explore the local area a bit. The person sharing my hotel room will also not be going to the dinner on Tuesday, so maybe we'll find something to do. I think my feet and legs are going to be really sore come Friday, what with standing around at the booth all day. This should be a really good learning experience, though, in all sorts of ways. I hope that this conference will prepare me for the three conferences that I'm likely to go to in October, one of them likely by myself.
Just kind of rambling here as I finish listening to Ruby. It's interesting that some of the media I've been consuming lately has had some themes in common with the book I mentioned on Friday, Robots Unlimited: both Ruby and Ghost in the Shell (and Ghost in the Shell 2). It might be interesting to pick a theme and try to consume a bunch of different types of media that deal with that theme, all within a short period of time. Maybe turn it into an essay or something. Good idea, which probably means I won't ever get around to doing it.