July 26th, 2005


2 for 2

At the end of the day yesterday, my boss and I were struggling with an InDesign file. It's a cover for a journal that is 2-color. A preflight of the file was showing the 2 spot colors but was also showing process black in there. We hunted down some things that were overset (and I figured out what that meant), but we still couldn't track down all the process black. This morning, I realized that I could search for formatting, just like you can in Word. So I found the empty paragraphs that were colored black. It's nice to know that all my Word experience is still good for something. As a side note, this cover was pretty lazily designed. The overset stuff was due to reusing things from other places instead of cleanly creating it from scratch to fit the new thing. And there were lots of extra hard returns instead of placing things correctly with the various alignment options. Are designers generally lazy like this, creating things that work regardless of how easy they are to maintain?

Right after figuring this out, I helped my boss with a LaTeX problem. That's the second time I've helped her with something, and I've been using LaTeX for only 3 months now. Pretty cool.