June 21st, 2005


Screening tomorrow

Anyone want to go see a screening of March of the Penguins at the Coolidge tomorrow at 7? It says that my name will be on a list, so I assume that I won't have to get there quite as early as other places (this is my first free screening at the Coolidge). I'm going to get there as early as I can, which probably won't be until close to 6:30 (I'll be taking the commuter rail to Kenmore, and then hopping the T to Coolidge).
sideways naked

A pretty good evening

Cleaned up the basement quite a bit, then packed all my video tapes and DVDs. Someone came over to take stuff, and she took a good amount, including my computer desk. Went shopping at the bottom of the hill and picked up some easy food and some jam (for sandwiches the rest of the week). And I got the trash out. No recycling out, though, since this is an off week. Bummer, too, since I have gobs of paper recycling.

Oh, and I got my pre-approval letter today, so, as soon as the realtor gets back to me, I can start looking at places.

I think I've earned a little Freaks and Geeks before bed.